How to Monetise Your Spotify Playlist Songs



How To Monetise Your Spotify Playlist Songs With Playlist Push

Are you a music lover who spends hours listening to Spotify? What if I told you that you could get paid $6 to $12 for every song you listen to? Sounds amazing, right? Well, it's not just a dream—it's a reality. In this article, I will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to start earning money from Spotify by simply listening to the songs you love. Whether you're using a mobile phone or a computer, this step-by-step guide will show you how to monetize your playlists and turn your passion for music into a lucrative opportunity.

Welcome to this comprehensive and informative article on playlist push and Spotify monetization. In today's digital age, the music industry has undergone a significant transformation, with streaming platforms like Spotify taking center stage. As an artist or music creator, understanding the power of playlists and how to monetize your music on Spotify can make a world of difference in reaching a wider audience and generating revenue. In this article, we will delve into the world of playlist push, explore Spotify monetization strategies, and provide you with expert insights and practical tips to help you maximize your potential on the platform.

What is playlist push?

Playlist Push: A Game-Changer for Independent Artists

Playlist Push is a revolutionary platform that connects independent artists with playlist curators across various streaming platforms, including Spotify. It offers a unique opportunity for artists to submit their tracks directly to influential curators who have built a loyal following of listeners. By getting your music featured on curated playlists, you can significantly enhance your visibility, attract new fans, and potentially achieve viral success.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a leading music streaming platform with millions of active users worldwide. It offers a vast library of music across various genres and provides artists with the opportunity to reach a massive audience. By having your music featured on curated playlists, you can increase your visibility, attract more listeners, and generate revenue through streams.

Spotify Monetization Strategies

Creating your Spotify account

To get started on your journey to earning money through Spotify, the first step is to create your own Spotify account. Follow these simple instructions to sign up:

  1. Visit your device's respective app store, such as the "App Store" for iPhone users or "Google Play" for Android users.
  2. Download the Spotify app.
  3. Open the app and click on the sign-up form to register for a free account.

Adding Songs to Your Playlist: Phone Users

Once you've signed up for a Spotify account, it's time to start curating your playlists. Follow these steps if you're using a phone:

  1. Log in to your Spotify account.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, you'll find "Your Library." Tap on it to access your library.
  3. Click on "Create Playlist" to give your playlist a catchy name like "R&B 2020 Hits."
  4. After naming your playlist, tap "Add Songs" at the bottom.
  5. You can now search for any song or artist you like by typing their name in the search bar. Once you find a song you want to add, simply click the "+" or "add" button. Repeat this process to add as many songs as you want. Remember, you can create multiple playlists.

Adding Songs to Your Playlist: Laptop Users

If you're using a laptop or desktop computer to access Spotify, follow these steps to add songs to your playlist:

  1. Open the Spotify application on your laptop.
  2. On the left side of the application, you'll see "Create Playlist." Click on it.
  3. Follow the same process mentioned above for phone users to add songs to your playlist.

Getting Your Spotify Playlist Link

To grow your playlist followers and start earning money, you need to share your playlist link. Here's how to find your Spotify playlist link:

  1. If you're using a mobile phone, click on the settings button within the Spotify app.
  2. Navigate to your profile page by clicking on "View Profile."
  3. Scroll down to find your playlists. Click on the playlist you want to share.
  4. Just below your username, you'll see an icon button with three dots. Tap on it.
  5. From the options that appear, select "Share" and then click on "Copy Link."
  6. You can now share the copied link in the comment section of my Facebook page. This will help you gain more playlist followers.

How Playlist Push Works

The process of using Playlist Push is relatively straightforward. Artists submit their songs to the platform, and experienced curators review the submissions to determine if they align with the playlist's style and theme. If approved, the curator adds the track to their playlist, exposing it to their dedicated listenership. As a result, artists can gain valuable exposure and increase their chances of organic growth and engagement.

Getting Started with Playlist Push

Before you register for a Playlist Push account, ensure that you have at least 400 playlist followers and streamers on your Spotify playlist. If you don't meet this requirement yet, hold off on creating a Playlist Push account. Here's how to proceed once you have enough followers:

  1. Visit the Playlist Push website.
  2. Click on "For Curators" to access the page.
  3. Select "Get Paid to Review Songs" and click on the "Sign Up" button.
  4. Choose your country (all countries are accepted).
  5. Indicate that you own a playlist on Spotify.
  6. Specify the number of followers your playlist has (between 0 and 1000).
  7. Fill out the form accordingly.

Congratulations! You're now ready to start earning money by listening to songs and providing reviews on Playlist Push.

The Benefits of Playlist Push

  1. Enhanced Discoverability: Playlist Push provides independent artists with a direct channel to influential playlist curators, increasing the likelihood of getting their music discovered by a wider audience.

  2. Authentic Exposure: By being featured on curated playlists, artists can tap into a pre-existing fanbase and gain exposure to listeners who have a genuine interest in their genre or style.

  3. Credibility and Social Proof: Placement on reputable playlists adds credibility to an artist's profile and can serve as social proof, attracting the attention of industry professionals, labels, and potential collaborators.

  4. Increased Streaming Numbers: Being included in popular playlists can lead to a significant boost in streaming numbers, helping artists climb the charts and improve their chances of being noticed by Spotify's algorithm.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Playlist Push allows artists to connect with influential curators and build relationships within the music industry, opening doors to collaborations, performance opportunities, and other career-enhancing ventures.


In conclusion, playlist push and Spotify monetization are essential components of a successful music career in the digital age. Leveraging Playlist Push can help independent artists gain exposure, attract new fans, and create valuable connections within the industry. Additionally, implementing effective monetization strategies on Spotify can significantly enhance your earnings and propel your music career forward. By following the expert insights and tips provided in this article, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the world of playlist push and maximize your potential on Spotify.                                                   

FAQs about playlist push and Spotify monetization

FAQ 1: How much does Playlist Push cost?

Playlist Push offers different pricing plans based on the number of playlists you choose to submit your music to. The costs vary, but it's important to consider the potential benefits and exposure gained from getting featured on influential playlists.

FAQ 2: Is Spotify monetization available for all artists?

Yes, Spotify monetization is available to all artists who have their music available on the platform. However, to maximize your earning potential, it's crucial to understand and implement effective strategies, as outlined in this article.

FAQ 3: Can I submit my music to multiple playlists simultaneously?

Yes, Playlist Push allows artists to submit their music to multiple playlists simultaneously. This can increase your chances of getting featured and reaching a broader audience. However, ensure that the playlists you choose align with your music's genre and style.

FAQ 4: Do I need a certain number of streams to monetize my music on Spotify?

No, there is no specific threshold of streams required to monetize your music on Spotify. However, higher streaming numbers can significantly impact your earnings, as revenue is calculated based on the total streams generated.

FAQ 5: Are there any alternatives to Playlist Push for playlist promotion?

Yes, there are several playlist promotion services available on the market. Some popular alternatives to Playlist Push include SubmitHub, Soundplate, and Playlist Pump. It's advisable to explore different platforms and choose the one that aligns with your goals and budget.

FAQ 6: Can I monetize my music on Spotify if I'm not signed to a record label?

Absolutely! Spotify monetisation is open to all artists, regardless of their affiliation with a record label. In fact, Spotify provides independent artists with ample opportunities to showcase their talent and build a dedicated fanbase.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section and I will gladly answer them.


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